Thoughts (read: thots)

As I’m travelling on Via Rail Train 50 (car 4) headed home, I can’t help but notice that it’s not completely shitty outside. This got me thinking about if I cared that it was nice out or not. Most things get a big old NOPE from me because I’m an indifferent kind of guy in general. However, today feels different. Today feels…good

What is this feeling and why do I feel this way? It could be a variety of things: the sports teams I like are doing things I like (namely winning), the corn crops I just passed by look just about ready to yield a great harvest, or it could even just be that the nice weather just makes me feel nice.

If its indeed the weather then I’m officially declaring today the first day of sprummer, a season I just made up. If you couldn’t tell its a mix bewteen the words summer and spruce tree because now is the time of year of course when the evergreen spruce trees bloom. Sprummer will consist of exactly 5 days and will end the next time I’m on a train. 

Though, it truly feels like I’ve been in a fog for a long time recently. I guess if I had to use a real word to describe this new sentiment then it would probably be ‘hopeful‘. 

Hopeful for the new goals I’ve set for myself.

Hopeful for the new experiences and responsibilities I’m bound to undertake. 

Hopeful that it’ll all come together with a pretty little bow. And if it doesn’t want to come together with a pretty little bow then guess what it looks like it’ll get a makeshift bow made from whatever I find along the way because if I want it to have a bow then it’ll have a damn bow.

I think its because of a change in attitude that I want to implement in my life. Wouldn’t you rather feel lucid, present, and in control than confused? Why wait when you can get things started now (Note: this doesnt mean waking up early if you don’t have to; see next sentence). Why be forced to get lunch when McDonald’s will serve you breakfast all day (Life hack: start your day at 2pm, get a sausage mcmuffin [no egg], and feel your body hate you for being so damn cool).

I’m going to start doing the things I saw myself doing in daydreams when I was 15. Why the hell not? To steal directly from the Ottawa Senators this post-season: why not us? But me specifically. And if there is a reason as to why specifically not me, then watch me do it it anyways. 

So I gueeeessssss yeah, today I care that its nice out. Today is a certified good day. Even if it thunderstorms later like it’s supposed to, I’m still thankful for the morning of blue skies I got to look at that let me feel good. 

My advice for you at the end of all of this: live ever sprummer like it’s your last, because it likely won’t be a recognized season ever again.


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