Things I Like Are Good, Things I Don’t Like Aren’t As Good (But Maybe Other People Like Them)

I’m a person. And as a person, I like things (by the same logic, I dislike things too). There are many things that I like, and many things that I dislike; that’s just the nature and responsibility that comes with choosing to like and dislike things.


Photo of me right now.

I’m also a man . And as a man, I form opinions on things pretty loosey-goosey-like
because my
brain likes taking vacation from caring about things sometimes. But when I do form those opinions, woooooaaahhhh baby WATCH OUT! because I will opinion so hard my face will go purple and blue and other colours.

That being said, how awesome are things that you like?! Seriously.

And stuff you don’t like. Screw those things!

I’m a firm believer that the things you like and the things you don’t like will shape everything in your life, mainly because that makes sense and isn’t truly a controversial stance on thing-liking. It gives you an identity. Having the identity that thing-liking gives you is special because you can measure new things in life based on your like for older things.

For example.

As a youngin’ I used to kind of like going bowling. I wasn’t by any means a bowling prodigy (and definitely needed those gutter guards), and we didn’t even bowl often, but whenever we went I used to get a tall plastic glass of Pepsi on ice and it was a sweet night out.

Know what else I used to like? Crazy Bones. That game was basically just a flick version of bowling. To be frank I definitely liked Crazy Bones more than bowling but both things are based on knocking things down that used to be standing up.

GUESS WHAT ELSE I USED TO LIKE. Bombardment dodgeball.

The familiarity between all of those things lent a certain level of comfort that allowed for easy adoption.

The same rings true for things you dislike, of course. I, for example, was not a fan of going to the video store and seeing that the movie you wanted to rent was already rented  out and you wouldn’t be able to see that movie until the store’s only copy was returned.  Likewise now, I am not a fan waiting for my computer’s RAM to get up to speed when I want to access the internet at lightning speeds.

Basically, I’m a very impatient person who likes to knock things down. But how sick is knocking things down, right?

But seriously, Crazy Bones really were the shit.


Here are other things I used to like in the 90s and early 2000s (no specific order):

  1. Yak Baks
  2. Street Sharks
  3. Animaniacsg0734866i1l
  4. Cereal box computer games. Actually anything cool in a cereal box besides cereal. I think I got a movie in there a couple times. Loaded Weapon 1 I’m pretty sure was one of them.
  5. Mad Libs

These were over-rated:

  1. Hacky Sacks
  2. Beanie Babies
  3. Wacky erasers that you bought from book fairs that you could put on pencils but didn’t erase well
  4. Summer camps, probably.
  5. Mary-Kate and Ashley movies. I feel like they were just remaking other movies that were already things but changing the plot a bit so that twin girls were the protagonists? I’m pretty sure It Takes Two is the same movie as The Parent Trap…
  6. Pyjama Day

The best part of it all is that it’s all subjective! Maybe you like things that I don’t like and vice versa. Does that necessarily mean that we are bound to be sworn enemies?

Yes. Yes it does.

No, I’m kidding, obviously not. It just means that value is subjective and can be added in many ways. Everyone has their own Crazy Bones, Bombardment and Bowling, right?

Things I like I will argue are good and things I don’t like I’ll argue aren’t as good. But I honestly don’t think you can give me a good argument in support of Pyjama Days.


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