A Better Use of My Time

Let me clear things up right away and inform you, the reader, that I’m currently without employment. By my own choices though; had a job, didn’t love it, left it. Running the risk of not sounding very humble I’ll even say I was actually pretty good at it, but it wasn’t for me.

Instead of labouring, I spent the majority of my day today travelling through the Mojave cook-cook-fallout-new-vegas-aWasteland getting shot at by people who look like they’ve lived through a Donald Trump presidency already (see photo), but that doesn’t mean it was a poor waste of my time.┬áThe reason it was a poor waste of my time was because I didn’t actually get that far in the game considering the amount of time I put into it.

Admittedly it was my fault because I was trying to find a short cut to a signal tower on a mountain or something and got stuck in between some rocks a couple of times. I easily could have just gone the long way around the first time and done the whole thing in 1/5th of the time but where’s the fun in that? You get it though: eventually I did what I wanted to do and didn’t have to go to work, so that’s what matters right?


Realistically the time I spent doing all that short cut crap I could have done so many other things first and then after successfully doing things and having a real sense of accomplishment I could have still had time to do all that shit the “long” way.

Now to be fair to the author, I did apply to a couple of jobs too today so it wasn’t all a waste.

Come to think of it I even napped after so I basically killed it today.

Anyways, because I did such a bang up job napping today I decided to treat myself by making myself write a blog. It will probably be a better use of my time.



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